Kinetic Investment Ventures Limited

Kinetic Investment Ventures Limited is a leading economic force in Kenya's economy. With over 15 years experience in various industries in Kenya including Real estate, Agriculture, Hospitality and Education. Our investments in these industries provide employment opportunities directly and indirectly to a large number of people across the country. We are very keen in the development of Kenya's economy.

We are perfectly placed, in our understanding of the workings of the people as well as the government, in order to profitably invest and grow the economy of the country.


To optimally manage investment opportunities across the country in sectors that we capitalize on. All companies under Kinetic Investment Ventures Limited have these common values
• Professionalism.
• Leadership
• Team work

Kinetic Investment Ventures Limited is one of the leading companies in Kenya with major investments and successful operations in key business sectors in our economy.

We have been able to acquire a lot of knowledge, experience and skills derived from over 15 years experience in Kenya's industries.

Kinetic Investment Ventures Limited has various investments in the Real estate, Hospitality, Agriculture and Education sectors. We attribute our success to having a shared vision, sound business skills and excellent management.